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A Tiny Tot is a child interested in Flag Football but is not the minimum age of 5.

Tiny Tot Football guidelines

  • Child must be age 3 by August 31st.
  • Child must be potty-trained.
  • Parent must be present at all times during practice and games with Tiny Tot.
  • The fee for Tiny Tot is $50.00.
  • It will be up to the coach’s discretion if Tiny Tots cancel practice with permission from Athletic Director.
  • The registration will include the uniform and all items required for football 
  • Tentative practice times and days are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:30.
  • 6 Game Schedule
  • Games will be on Saturday before regular full contact games are played.



After Registration, Click Here to pay Registration Fee or visit our online Spirit Shop and click on "MYFCA Tiny Tots Football."


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