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Heads Up Football

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Dear Parents,

For the past 40 years, the McEachern Youth Football and Cheer program has been committed to our children by instilling timeless values and physical fitness through the fun of football.

And now we’ve found a way to do it better.

By partnering with USA Football, the official youth football development partner of the NFL, we have strengthened our program by adopting Heads Up Football, a new way to teach and play better, safer football.


Endorsed by medical experts in the area of concussion as well as football experts on all levels of the game, Heads Up Football affords our league the following:

  • Football’s only nationally certified coaching education course for all head and assistant coaches
  • Concussion awareness and education for all coaches
  • Safer tackling and blocking techniques to lessen the risk for head injuries
  • League-wide instruction on proper equipment fitting, helmets in particular
  • The latest information on heat- and hydration-related issues
  • Instructions and procedures on how to react in situations of sudden cardiac arrest

USA Football’s Heads Up Football program also includes two clinics before the start of the season: an instructional clinic for coaches and a player safety clinic for parents and players.


In addition to earning coaching certification, each McEachern Youth Football coach receives USA Football’s online coaching tools to better teach your child, including a video drills library, a practice planner, playbooks and more.

Parents are encouraged to be involved throughout the process to ensure their youth players are learning Heads Up Football skills. Take full advantage of the health and safety resources offered by USA Football, by registering for a free Parent/Player Membership at

Your child’s health and safety is our highest priority – nothing else comes close.

With your involvement and through new and exciting teaching resources, I look forward to our finest season to date in 2015.


Cozean Hedrick

VP Football / Heads Up Football Commissioner