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Cheerleading FAQ's

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How old does my child have to be to Cheer Sideline? Your child needs to be 5years old by September. 1st

Where and when do I register? You can register your child online or at one of our numerous registration events prior to the start of the season. See the registration page and calendar for more details and event dates.

How much does it cost? The registration fee for cheerleading is $295. See the registration page for more details.

What will I need at registration? If you are not registering online, you will need 2 checks. You will need one for the registration fee and the second one for $50 volunteer commitment coverage. Each cheerleader’s family must volunteer a minimum of 2 hours (i.e., concession stand, work chains, help line the fields, join a committee, etc.) in order for their check to be returned.

What items are included in the registration fee? The registration fee will include the following items: uniform (shell and skirt), a long sleeve half top, cold weather gear, briefs, hair bows (blue/gold and pink), shoes, duffle bags, duffle bag tag, pom poms (blue/gold [2] and pink [1]), and socks (white and pink).

What squad will my child cheer for? Your child will cheer for their age group. This will be based on if there are enough cheerleaders for a squad in that age group. If not, your child may cheer for a different age group. It will be based on the number of registered cheerleaders.

Do parents have any obligations during the season? The parents will rotate different job assignments given by the Team Mom. These assignments may include concession duty during practices or home games. Game day assignments will be performed 2 hours prior to your child’s game. You may also be asked to assist with game day snacks and/or run through signs.

Each family must provide a $50 postdated check and volunteer a minimum of 2 hours (i.e., concession stand, work chains, help line the fields, join a committee, etc.) in order for their check to be returned at the end of the season.

What can we expect the first few days of practice? The first day of practice will consist of introductions, information, and becoming familiar with the rules and regulations for practices and games. The following days will consist of conditioning and cheerleading basics.

What to wear for practice?

Girls need to wear shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes to practice. Please have their hair pulled up and bring a towel to sit on, water to drink, bug spray and sunscreen. They cannot wear jewelry to practice.

When are games and practice? Games are played on Saturday between 9am and 8 pm with the younger teams playing earlier in the day. Practice will take place from 6:30 – 8:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (7:00 – 8:00).

Where do we practice? We practice at the Wildhorse Creek Park or Ron Anderson building.

What happens if a game or practice is canceled? You will be contacted by the VP or AD of cheer via text and/or email. Practices may be rescheduled at the discretion of coaches; however, even if it's raining, practice may not be canceled.

What if my child does not like it? Please check the refund form on our website. You may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Who do I contact in case of emergency? Tamara Morgan, VP of Cheer (404-934-7249) or Kimberly Hayes, AD of Cheer (678-330-3055)

Is there anything else I need? A GREAT ATTITUDE!!